Support Northeast Central Service


How can my group support NECS?

Elect a Central Service Representative (CSR) to NECS.

Your CSR serves as your link with the Central Service Office. As a part of the Board of Delegates that guides Central Service and elects its board, your group's voice will be a part of the group conscience of NECS. And your CSR can bring news to your group on NECS's services, financial status, events, etc. When you name a new CSR, be sure to let the office know the contact information. Simply use the online form, or print and mail the paper form, or just stop by the office.

Contribute financially to NECS

Central Service is dependent on the Fellowship for its financial health. Many groups make monthly or quarterly contributions to NECS. It is simply the most straightforward way for the group to be self supporting; by carrying its share of the cost of the services Central Service provides! Does your group have funds on hand above a prudent reserve? A contribution is a way to put that money to work carrying the message. Your treasurer can contribute online, or mail or bring your contribution by.

Shop NECS for your group's literature needs.

Central Service sells Conference approved and other AA and Grapevine publications at its cost plus a small markup to help support the office. Each time your group purchases literature there, it helps to support the office.

How can I support NECS?

Be of service: volunteer at NECS.

This is the best and most useful way to support Central Service, to be a part of carrying the message. NECS has only two part-time staff, almost all its service is done by volunteers. It is volunteers who answer the phones, take 12-step calls, talk to new drunks, file, mail and a many other things. It is a great way to experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from being of service! Just fill out the NECS Volunteer Form either Online, or by downloading and printing. Or simply drop by the office and hang out for a while. They will put you to work.

Support NECS financially.

NECS is dependent on groups and members for financial support. Of course you can help out at anytime by contributing online, or by sending your contribution to the office. Many members make regular contributions by becoming " Faithful Fivers", or through the "Birthday Plan", or both. "Faithful Fivers" make a commitment to contribute $5.00 each month. For the "Birthday Plan", a member makes a contribution on his or her AA Birthday, customarily one dollar per year of sobriety. To make a commitment, see the enrollment forms in the Fellowship News, or call or stop by the office.